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Tips for renovating your bathroom

Whether you are thinking of selling, or just want to renovate your bathroom to freshen it up and make it more appealing, there are a number of ways that you can completely transform your bathroom so that it is bright and modern.

One of the best ways to modernise your bathroom, is to situate an appealing object such as a plant in a position where it is the first thing that people see as they walk in. The most appealing element in a bathroom is quite often the vanity or bath.

Another idea that should be considered when renovating a bathroom is storage. The more storage a bathroom has, the more beneficial it is. Hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, electric shavers, toothbrushes and cosmetics are just some of the items that tend to be stored in the bathroom, so it is essential that people cater for this, particularly if you are renovating to sell.

The lighting in a bathroom is also something that should be considered. A bathroom should be well-lit, particularly above the vanity area. Skylights and windows are an excellent way to utilize natural light, but artificial light such as overhead lighting is also important and adds to the appeal of the bathroom.

Tapware, fixtures and handles are one of the most affordable and simple ways to add to the appeal of a bathroom. It is important to be aware that different suppliers have different shades of metal, particularly when looking at gold or brass. It is best to be aware of this, because certain metals may not complement each other very well.

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