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Tips for first home buyers

Buying a first home is an exciting time for any first home buyer, and there are a number of tips that can make the process easier. The most critical consideration for first home buyers is determining whether you are eligible for a home loan. Your lender will focus on your current financial situation to determine this using a range of evidence such as existing debts, income, budget and assets. First home buyers would also benefit undoubtedly from understanding sales processes to determine whether for instance an auction or private sale serves them best.

Turning to lawyers or conveyancers for advice with regards to signing a contract is one of the most important stages of purchasing a property. All information about the property can be found in the contract of sale and title, and seeking expert advice will help ensure that you are aware of anything that you should know before signing the contract. Easements and covenants are an example of something you would want to know before signing the contract, not after.

The final tip is getting into the market as soon as possible. Australian capital city housing markets are reliable over a longer period of time with significant financial advantages, particularly through taxation benefits. If you would like more information on purchasing a home, please contact Ray White Upper Coomera.

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